seriously fuck off

no /

feelin’ emo

  -  16 April

I wish I didn’t have depression


  -  15 April

I swear I’m going to have a breakdown someday that consists of me smearing lipstick all over my face and sobbing while I gleefully sing pop songs in a bathtub full of alcohol and blood

  -  15 April


please unfollow me

fucking obviously

ha ha damn am I glad I’m not using my DID blog

that community is toxic as hell and a lot of people acknowledge that. I’m a little concerned that people don’t just quit things

I know I have a hard time but seriously

sometimes I’m actually surprised at how stupid people can be

those are Orthodox Jews you stupid trash


my phone died

oh fuck I’m sorry

are you ok?? (goodnight?)

I want you two to feel comfortable with each other but that’s hypocritical considering how fearful he makes me

hopefully he can find a way to be gentle and kind and still protect me. 1600 can do it but I guess he’s really different.

I wish the setup didn’t leave me in the middle because it’ll always come back to that and I hate it

if we were a “”“”natural”“” system it wouldn’t be set up that way and he could develop emotionally alongside us but so far it’s been a bit of a war

  -  8 April
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